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 Weapons and armour

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PostSubject: Weapons and armour   Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:12 am

Since your character can use weapons.
In the medieval times, weapons and armour were very expensive.
Swords, shields and armour would be normally often given from father to son, because most people didn't have enough money to buy weapons and armour for themselves. In wars, weapons and armour would be often taken as loot, just to cut down the expenses of making new ones for new recruits.

Bashing weapons


Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: The clubs the most primitive of weapons. Anyone can create theese weapons, even the most primitive peoples use this. Clubs are usually made of wood.


Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: Although mainly used for cutting wood, good for killing too (altrough worthless againts armoured). Forms a transition between the blade and the blunt weapon.
The blade made of metal or stone, the handles are generally made of wood.

Battle Axe

Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: A stronger version of the axe, optimized for warfare. It's been effective against armored enemies. It's good for woodcutting too, but too expensive for that.


Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: The clubs more sophisticated, more advanced version. Although based on the principle of the club, but much more advanced then it. It is a metal pole or wooden rod attached to a metal ball, with spikes cominbg out the metal ball. Very dangerous weapons.


Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: Advanced version of the mace. The spiky ball is not directly attached to a metal pole, instead there's a chain linking them.
This makes the weapon, although slower, in exchange, increases the range, and a bit of efficiency.

War Hammer

Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: Well it's been literally a bashin weapon. It is okay againts non-armoued enemies since it causes great pain and breaks bones (the the soldier is strong enough). However, it's best againts armoured enemies. It can be devestating.


Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: A large, long and thick stick. The elderly use theese things to have them supported while walking .... However, the metal rods are very powerful weapons. Altrough military doesen't use staves or rods for fighting, so - as a weapon - is rather "underground" i, limited to smaller guilds and underground organizations.


The blade is always made of metal, the grip can be made out of either wood or metal.

Short Sword

Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: Short swords, suitable for both cutting and thrusting. Penetrating the enemy's armor (if you use them for thrusting), which makes it a suitable weapon against knights and heavy infantry .... it can easaly cut the unarmoured.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: Long swords, suitable for both cutting and thrusting. Penetrating the enemy's armor (if you use them for thrusting), which makes it a suitable weapon against knights and heavy infantry .... it can easaly cut the unarmoured.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: Broad sword, best for cutting. It can easaly cut the unarmoured.
Altrough the weapon is difficult to handle, it can be devestating in the right hands. Two handed weapon.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: Very long swords, suitable for both cutting and thrusting. Penetrating the enemy's armor (if you use them for thrusting), which makes it a suitable weapon against knights and heavy infantry .... It can easaly cut the unarmoured.
Altrough the weapon is difficult to handle, it can be devestating in the right hands. Two handed weapon.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: A lighter version of swords. Not much different from a long swords: much lighter and not quite straight.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: A curved sabre, along the outside of a sharp sword. Usually blunt tip, primarily weapons created for slaughter.


Skills: Swordsmanship


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: Best at piercing.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: Curved blades, with blade arms widening towards the end. The shape of thw weapon makes it completely unable to pierce, but very good to striek down at the enemies.


Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: The single-edged weapon, wavy and curved inner side sharpened.


Skills: Polearms
Description: Tool of the peasants, but could be devestating if used as cavalry weapon.



Skills: Swordsmanship
Description: very, very short swordlike weapons.


Skills: Polearms
Description: Outdated antique weapon. A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a sharpened head. The head may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself, as is the case with bamboo spears, or it may be of another material fastened to the shaft, such as obsidian, iron, or bronze. The most common design is of a metal spearhead, shaped like a triangle or a leaf.


Skills: Polearms
Description: Weapons like spears. Suitable for both throwing and being used as a pike.


Skills: Polearms
Description: The improved spear, longer, more modern and more efficient version.
Very long, the cavalry's worst nightmare.
Can be deadly against cavalry.


Skills: Polearms
Description: Heavy cavalry weapons.


Skills: Polearms
Description: So to speak, a combination spear and battle axe.

Ranged weapons

Short Bows

Skills: Archery
Description: small bows. Usually used to hunt.

Long Bow

Skills: Archery
Description: Much higher rate of fire than the crossbow, and almost twice the range, but not as accurate.

Hand Crossbow

Skills: Archery
Description: The crossbows "little brothers". A small range, and only a short-range efficiency. Mainly used by assasins and headhunters.


Skills: Archery
Description: The darker side of modern technology. Altrough much more accurate than long bows, the weapon takes longer to reload and the range is shorter. But on the close range, the crossbow can be deadly.


Skills: Bashing weapons
Description: Throwning axes.


Skills: Polearms


Skills: Polearms
Description: Smilar to javelins.

The description are made Lachdanan

Shields and armor

The function of armor and shields is to protect the user. The shields can stop the strikes and sometimes even be used as emergency weapons.

Single-pointed shield
You can hold the shield in the middle. The advantage of being highly maneuverable and can be used to attack, because up to 180 degrees can be reversed. The disadvantage is that it is the more unstable than the two-point shields, but it is still great for shape. These shields are generally provided protection from the neck down, but there were also slightly smaller variations.

Two-pointed shield
Theese shields are fastened to the user's forearm. This allows you to be able to stop the stronger attacks. Size and shape of many kinds exist.

Etrancoastish style

Etrandish style

Forturnish style


The gambeson is usally worn to prevent metal armour to make direct contact to the user's body. Usually quite thick, is also a to hold off weaker sword strikes.

Chain Mail:
Chain mail made of small links joining, which is quite a task requiring much patience. The chain mail is suitable for holding off cuts, cushion, but it does not help against the thrust and ranged weapons.

Plated mail:
The plated mail is a kind of a transition between the Plate Armour and chain mail, bringing together the advantages of the two, though not at the same extent. Just like the chain mail, small plates are matched to each other. Provides protection against cuts and stabs, but even this is not effective against ranged weapons.

Plate Armour
A rather heavy armour, made out of plates. It is very good, provides great ammount of protection. The downside is that it limits mobility.
It's a popular myth that the armour's weight is so big that if someone falls down in this armour, can't get up.
The myth is false. The armour is thicker on the torso and the head to provide more protection, while ligher on the legs and arms, sacrificing protection for mobility.


Crab Plate:
Smilar to the Plate Armour. Perfectly protects the user, because only the largest of the cuts, the heaviest weapons can cut through the armour and will only be effective if they scored in the joints between the plates, which is also not an easy task.

Leather Armour:
The Leather Armour's main advantage is that it allows the user high ammount of mobility. the disadvantage is that it does not give much protection.

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Weapons and armour
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