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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 The Archaic Age

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PostSubject: The Archaic Age   Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:30 am

The Ancient Times ended with the final extinction of the Ancient Elves / Proto-Elves as they evolved into humans, wood elves and high elves.
In theese times stories spread about a flourishing "southern empire" in the Gray Mountains, concealed by black clouds which kepts those lands in eternal night. Stories were also about great cities rising up from endless forests and ponds gleaming from the lamps used in the night, and also towers from the heart of the empire, where beacons never stopped lighting and being able to be seen from anywhere. So, legends started to spread about countries where the Ancient Elves / Proto-Elves were still alive and unchanged. According to oral traditions, humanking became strong under the leadership of Fathred who had ambitions to conquer this "southern empire", but disasterously failed... in Southern Etrand they lost a battle againts a king, who wore red armour and was guarded by shield walls... according to the legend, he started to burst into flames. He became part of the legend with the name of "Phoenix King", and the royal family of Neressa claims to descend from him.

In theese times, violent wars erupted, the most famous was the one fought by the Wood Elves againts their neighbors, while they still had memories of the Ancient Elves / Proto-Elves and they wanted to restore their former glory. They didn't take the indigenous peoples into account, they wanted humans to subordinate to them and some even whispered about fighting the High Elves. They also had ambitions to conqered the legendary "Southern Empire", the promise of uniting the whole world, restoring the ancient order and being rich and powerfull fueled their hearts. They suddenly attacked scattered lizardman communities, and harried human camps on the plains. The humans and lizardmen - former enemies of each other - decided to team up againts the wood elves. In the beginning, wood elves were the masters of the battlefied - they simply teared their enemies appart and used their superior archers to trap the enemies in the forests. But the humans were rather quick to learn the secrets of wood elven warfare: they started to train and employ their own forest-dwelling rangers, started to employ the same tactics that wood elves used, which caused the "Human versus Wood Elf theatre" of the war turn into a border war with very high casualities. In one battle, the records say that both armies lost over 90% of their men! Finally, lizardmen started to employ their newest invention, the "black water" in this war, which was used to burn down forests where elven soldiers were hiding. They later used it to burn down forests which had elven civilians there, just to terrorize the enemy. As the war turned upside down for the favor of the wood elves' enemies, the legends of the flourishing southern kingdom faded and degenerated to fools' dreams. Seeing their homes burning, the wood elves decided to change their mind, and the main druids and the king agreed to make peace with humans and lizardmen, which was sucessfull.

But the people had different things in mind - they were still angry because of their burning forests, they wanted to take revenge for the elves lost in war and the forests burned down, however, only a few were brave enough to openly disobey their leaders. However, it didn't take too much time until enough elves had the bravery to disobey their leaders and the charisma to convince enough people to join them. Ignoring that the king and the main druids fobridden it, war started again. The separatist elves strikes upon their enemies wherever they could: they killed, they burned, they plundered and pillaged withot any forms of mercy, remorse or regret.

Altrough they were mainly motivated by lust for revenge, some said that they were simply crazy and couldn't listen to reason. The leader of the rebels was called Thorm'fa. His voice was loud and clean, his blade was sharp and fast, his bow was deadly accurate. Many wood elves saw the true leader in him, he constantly spoke about final revenge and the cowardice of the leaders (the king and the main druids).

The cruelity of the renegad saw no limits: they killed women and children without mercy. But their sucess lasted only as long as they had the advantage of surprise. Their disorganized bands spread all over, being vulnerable to any organized force to fight hem. The king's army and the humans were quick to react, and started to hunt down the robber bands one by one. But there were also organized rebel armies lead by former wood elven generals like Thorm'Fa. The humans and the wood elven king managed to kill them only at the price of losing many men. Many rebels died in battle, others commited suicide, but most of them were either captured by force or surrendered (according to historical records Thorm'Fa himself surrendered, but some say that he was captured while trying to escape).Not long before Thorm'Fa's final defeat, an army came - under the leadership of Lanhayr - which was supposed to aid him, but instead they went south to the Gray Mountains, in hope of finding the lost kingdom (the "Southern Empire"). Altrough nobody stood in the way of their bravery and determination, and even the wood elven king himself ordered not to chase them, their case was already lost. Reaching the wall-like mountains, Lanhayr and his army marched westwards to outflank the mountains, after that, they were lost forever. No records tell anything about their fate, but it is assumed that they either died trying to reach Neressa, or were killed by the Neressans.

Throm'Fa and his people were terribly tortued: the prisoners were brutally beaten, their ears and noses were pierced, their hair was cut off, and their whole body was bloody. But the final judgement for them was exile rather than execution. After they were sent away, they migrated to Brutang. Later, they went to find Lanhayr, but they couldn't find nor Lanhayr, nor his men, and not even the "Southern Empire", only cold wastelands and towers in ruin.

People say that Thorm'Fa and his men came in contact with the Empire of Neressa. They totally exterminated the city of the empire which was found on the bank of the Sickle Lake, but couldn't capture the fortified city on the mountains. Then they simply started to ravage the lands of Brutang, enslaving the inhabitants and settling there themselves. And for some reason, their descedants were very ugly and had green skin. But as they grew up they noticed that they were much stronger than their forefathers. They were the first Orcs. Nobody knows why did they change so fast, but maybe we can find clues in their folklore.
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The Archaic Age
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