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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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PostSubject: Elementals   Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:34 am

When you meet elements, you usually see a wizards too, who summoned them. In the ancient times - long before the first written records - there were intelligent elementals too who had intelligence and mind on their own, and their own will... now they're all gone.
And there are fusional elementals too, which are created by mixing two elementals. Elemental dragons exsist too, mentioned in ancient records, but are very very rare, and it is very unlikely that even the strongest wizard will find them... they are near non-exsistant.

Every elemental has their own strenghts and weaknesses. Elementals are not living creatures (but elemental dragons are), so poisons and diseases don't effect them, and they do not age either.


Normal Elementals

Fire Elementals

They represent the fire. They throw fireballs, and also have fire shield: anyone who touches them burns. They are immune to everything fire-related. But they are very vulnerable to water. Ice and water easaly destroys them.

Water Elemental

Don't be fooled by their primitive looks, theese are very dangerous creatures.
They can devour and imprison their victims in themselves, drowning them in the process and can also summon ice bolts and use them as ranged weapons. They can walk on both the earth and water. They can't be devoured and can't be freezed either.
They are immune to everything water and ice related, but very vulnerable to fire. Even natural fire can kill them.

Earth Elemental

Very tough creatures.
They have no special abilities, are physically very strong.
Altrough slow, they're unstoppable. Their stone bodies protect them from every non-magical damage.
They are immune to everything eart-related, but thunder and storm can kill them easaly.

Air Elemental

Theese fast creatures are stronger than what you think. Being able to control wind and air, they can put pressure to your body, simulating a very strong punch-like effect, which can be lethal if you don't wear armour.
Their defensive power is not in their "body" (they are incorperal), but are in their speed: they evade your attack. This technically makes them immune to non-magical damage.
Altrough immune to wind and thunder related spells, earth and ice can kill them off easily.

Fusional Elementals

They are created by mixing 2 primany elementals.
They are much stronger than normal elementals

Fire + Earth = Magma
Fire + Air = Energy
Water + Earth = Ice

To summon them, you need to know the summoning spells of both elementals and chant them without pause beetwen.

Magma Elemental

They technically have the abilities of both the Earth Elemental and the Fire Elemental.
Just like the Fire Elemental, they can thorw fireballs, they are immune to everything fire-related and vulnerable to anything water or ice related.
Just like the Earth Elemental, they're slow but very tough and physically strong, immune to every non-magical damage, and also vulnerable to air and thunder.
They lost the fire shield, but gained something even stronger: Magma shield. If someone is foolish enough to touch this elemental, he not only suffers burns, but outright turns into ash!

Energy Elemental

Altrough lost many abilities of both the Fire Elemental and the Air Elemental, theese are still much stronger than both.
They an no longer can summon throw fireballs, but instead thorw thunderballs and summon thunder rays. They lost their fire shield, but gained Energy Shield instad: whoever is foolish enough to touch the elemental, instantly gets electrocuted!
Altrough not incorperal anymore and much slower than the air elemental, they can teleport now!
They are still immune to fire, air, thunder and wind. But they are not vulnerable to water and ice anymore.

Ice Elemental

Lost many of the powers of their "parents", but also gained many new.
They an walk on both the earth and water, and also impossible to unfreeze.
Altrough they cannot imprison people in themselves anymore they can make ice or snow out of any water scource, and can freeze their enemies (as long as they are not elementals or dragons), and they've got a brand now power: the ice shield. Whoever is foolish enough to touch them, instantly gets freezed.
They also got the same slow speed, the same toughness and huge amount of physical power that Earth Elementals had.
They are also very vulnerable to fire, air and thunder.

Elemental Dragons

Normal Elementals

Fire Dragons

They can breath fire, throw fireballs and also have fire shield.
Just like fire elementals, they are immune to fire and vulnerable to water and ice.

Water Dragon

Altrough they can't imprison people in their bodies anymore, they can spit blue slimes instead which do the same job instead of them. They can also summon ice bolts and have a very cold breath which can freeze its enemies.
Just like water elementals , they are immune to water and ice, but also vulnerabel to fire.

Air Dragon

Very fast and partly inorperal. Their "attacks" create very strong and harmfull air pressure which causes the enemies lungs to fail and die due the absence of air.
Just like air elementals, they are immune to thunder and wind, but vulnerable to earth.

Earth Dragon

They are just like normal dragons, but their scales are made out of stone. They can still fly tho. Altrough they can't breath fire, they have strong fangs and teeth, and also are physically stronger than ordinary dragons.
Just like earth elementals, they are vulnerable to air and thunder.

Fusional Elementals

Magma Dragon

Needless to say, that they can breathe fire, throw fireballs and have magma shield. Their scales are black. They are also vulnerable to water, ice, storm and thunder.

Energy Dragon

They can't breathe fire, but can breathe electricity, and also have energy hields which eletrocute anyone who touches them.
They are immune to fire, thunder and storm, and also no longer vulnerable to ice and water.

Ice Dragon

They have ice shields, and altrough they cannot breath fire, they have a very cold breath which freezes any enemy immediately.
They have blue scales which are made out of a stone-like material that provides good defense againts non-magical attacks. Their ice shields freeze anything which touches them immediately.
They are immune to ice and water, but also vulnerable to storm, thunder and fire.
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