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 Empire of Neressa

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PostSubject: Empire of Neressa   Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:16 am

Empire of Neressa
Form of government: Despotism
Dominant race: None (racially heavily mixed, mostly High Elves, Half-Elves, Goblins and Centaurs, but also Humans, Wood Elves and Dwarves as minority)
State religion: Fire Cult

The Empire of Neressa, lying in the Gray Mountains may be small, but her army is well-trained and equipped. Even though the city-state's inhabitants are mixed of various races, they are still xenophobic, and do not even let suspicious-looking strangers inside the city gates. They do not tolerate orcs within the borders, and even lizardmen are barely tolerated.

The Empire led by the Emperor, who is also one of the members of the Circle of Fire. In theory, his position is inherited within the family, and the one who is the most skilled with fire magic gets to inherit the throne. The Imperial Family is considered to be descended from a mythical and legendary "Phoenix Emperor", dating back to the times of Fathred's short-lived confederation, which unified the Humans under one border for the first time. While the Emperor is equal to all the other members of the Circle of Fire, he is the absolute ruler of Neressa itself.

The throne has been occupied for centuries by Emperor Terkemish, who is legendary, since he is supposed to be dead since 400 years before present already. He never goes out in public.

Important people

I. Terkemish

The Emperor of Neressa, and if the rumours about him coming from the South are true, then he is reigning since 700 years before present already, though he wasn't seen ouside his palace since 400 years before present. Some claim that he is dead and the Circle of Fire is ruling instead of him, but according to the rumours he is hale and healthy.


The city's infamous judge. Intelligent human individual, he hates foreigners and makes them scapegoats for everything bad that happens within Neressa. In addition to being the city's judge, he is also a shaman discovering the spiritual world, and has the reputation for being a reliable fortune-teller too. A typically unfriendly person when it comes to those who are not citizens of the Empire.


Out of the various still-pagan human clans settled on the Eastern outskirts of the Gray Mountain, the stronger one is the Drmiah clan. Their leader, Bolgar is considered the closest ally of the Emperor. His people respect him, and his enemies fear him, because he is not only strong in combat, but skilled at tactics too. He often leads raids into orcish territories, and as of lately, his warriors has been venturing far north and east.

The Empire has a mecenary-army of paid sellswords - they call upon unpaid volunteers only in emergency cases. Mercenaries can only be citizen of the Empire, regardless of race and gender, while the mountain peoples send support soldiers instead of money as a form of taxes. Most of the army is geared up for defense, so they keep only a few permanent siege machines. Quality and discipline are valued above everything, and those unfit for battle are always filtered out, unlike in many countries. Since the Empire's military constantly makes raids into Orcish territories, the military is kept in constant training. Their horses and cavalrymen are bred and trained to tolerate Brutang's cold climate.







Black Blades

Red Mages

White Mages

These mages are usually healers.


Light Cavalry


Siege machines and other inventions



Exploding powder

The Empire has known it for millennia, one of the "pocket empire's" most paranoidly guarded secrets, these days they do not use it for anything - not even for fireworks or final emergency. At the time, the then-reigning Emperor Gabarl banned its use completely, when a seer claimed to have seen a prophecy, claiming that it will bring ruin to the world if it falls into the hands of foreigners.


Another old invention. It's inventor christened it "spinner" and intended to use it as part of the opening mechanism of the city's gates, but Emperor Gabarl forbade it's serious use. Emperor Gabarl considered it too dangerous, and let it to be used only for entertainment.
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Empire of Neressa
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