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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Tutorial for rookies

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PostSubject: Tutorial for rookies   Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:57 am

You've never roleplayed before? Do you feel lost, because you can't write a proper biography that fits the basic requirements?
Not all is list, because we can help+

Let's start with the basic rules how to play

* anything * - your character does this
~ anything ~ - your character thinks this (THINKS, DOES NOT SAY OUT LOUD!)
-anything - your character says this (pouts, screams, whispers, yells, cries, etc. )
//anything// - off-topic, OOC, stuff like "Sorry, have to go, we will continue later!" and things like that.

Let's see a test game.

*The knight sees the former battlefield, the graveyard of warriors. He stands up*
~What a massacre.... ~
*Then he faces his friend*
-Maybe we should leave now. Who knows when will a hostile scout come...
//Next reply should go to the village//

Off course, not so short.
Minimal requirements are higher..
-We do not write in someone else's name, unless he or she gave permission. For further detail see the NPC system and other game rules.
-When playing in an adventure - with a Dungeon Master observing - we only write down the intentions of our characters. Whether they will succeed, it's up to the Dungeon Master. When playing casually (without a Dungeon Master), it also depends on the other player's reaction.
-Realism. Your warrior character can NOT kill 10 other human beings alone.... unless he or she uses magic, but that's a different story.

The biography.
What to write:
-The character's origins, birth date, birthplace, parents, the circumstance of his/her birth, etc. We want every little bit of juicy details...
-The character's childhood? Once again, realism. A 5 year old boy does not live alone in the forest or kill 100 soldiers with his bare hands. And it's very rare for an 5 years old boy or girl to know how to use magic, since it's something that people usually learn at teenage or adult age.
-The character's progression into adulthood (implying that he/she is adult, though you can also play as a child character). Once again, we want to know every bit of juicy detail.
-How did the character start his/her current career (implying that he/she is adult, though you can also play as a child character)

If it still looks too short, try to write EVERYTHING in as much as detail as you can.
If it's still not good enough, do not be ashamed to ask someone to help you

How we (should) play on forums?
We can often see one-liners on pages, This is not the best way to play a quality game, because it will often ruin others' more delicate play, and makes it harder to become one with the character. This is why I'm translating this text from the original Hungarian to English, so that it can help you.

- This is just a game. Do not bring real-life disputes into it. Do not mix the game and real life. What happens in the game, stays in the game. Got it?

- Our characters are not gods - they won't jump off from the roofs and survive it, and they won't lift buildings either

- It's a very rude and mean thing to kill someone's character, and against the rules too, unless you two agree on it.

- Not everyone has to be a famous and rich nobleman, there are poor people, thieves, barbarians and others. And it's often much more enjoyable to play a little defected or ugly character rather than a stereotypical handsome one. Imagine living in a world where everyone is beautiful: the standards would be much higher, real-life average people would be considered ugly, real-life beautiful people would be considered average, etc. Let there be more varierity.

-A less educated character - like a barbarian - does not speak like a poet or writer. (Wisecrack: Barbarian - I myself am not very knowledgeable of the local phonemes) A barbarian usually has a limited vocabulary and does not know the etiquette. Meanwhile, a knight is the opposite - always polite, formal and has a very delicate vocabulary.

-Wounds do not heal within seconds, characters feel pain too, so when they are beaten, they won't fight well

2. Some hints

Here is one of the most frequent examples of an RP'ing situation - an inn.

Here you will see two incorrect situations where one walks into the inn.

*He enters the inn, and greets those who are inside* Good Afternoon everyone!

*Enters the inn, and looks for familiar faces. Meanwhile, greets those who are inside with gestures.*

As we could see from these two examples, we won't know much. We won't know who went inside, what kind of person is he/she, we don't know anything. It's much harder, if not impossible to "live" the game, if we don't have any idea, thus it can also lead to lots of misconceptions because of what is obvious to you might be confusing the other player and he/she will try to fill in the missing information with his/her own imagination. (he/she can imply that a feminine male character is actually female, or the reverse). And if someone interrupts a nice and quality game with a one-line post like this, he/she can easily disjoint the game for a while, and if he/she continues with one-line posts, he/she can ruin the entire game. So, here are some tips to avoid one-line posts:

-Describe the subject character's appearence (clothing, weapons, wounds…)

-Write down where did we came from (A hard and sweat-causing work… Or from the bath after a nice and relaxing bath)

-If possible, let's write down why did we come. (We want some rest… We need company… It has been a while since I had a good beer, etc.…)

-And the most important: always write detailed, even the smallest and seemingly most-worthless tiny little details can make the game a hundred times more beautiful.

Here's a better example:

*A tall person in black coat comes in from the door. His face is covered by his hood, and only his beard is visible. As it is raining outside, his clothing is really wet, and everyone he steps he creates a small pond. He slowly walks to one of the corners of the inn, as the innkeeper facepalms seeing the newly created lakes within the building. He takes off his coat and puts it on the chair. After finishing that, he sits down and motions his hand to give signal to the bartender. The bartender stands up after a second, to ask what can he bring.*

-Blood wine with fresh bread. But be it fresh, or else you won't get a copper of tip!

*After hearing the word "tip", the bartender immediately rushes to the kitchen.*

These are the examples to follow. They are detailed enough to let you "live" the game, becacme one with yuor character and identify with him.
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Tutorial for rookies
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