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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Stephanus Tavilrond

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Stephanus Tavilrond
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PostSubject: Stephanus Tavilrond   Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:12 am

Name: Stephanus Tavilrond
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Good
First language: Apanonalammen
Foreign languages: Arquelammen, Taulammen, Sceotamagi
Primary race: Human
Secondary race: n/a
Class: Dual-classed Warrior/Priest
Prestige class: Knight
Strength: 10
Endurance: 12
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 10
-Armour-wearing: Light
-Armour-wearing: Medium
-Armour-wearing: Heavy
-Swordsmanship: Basic
-Swordsmanship: Advanced
-Swordsmanship: Expert
-Bashing weapons: Basic
-Bashing weapons: Advanced
-Polearms: Basic
-Tracking: Basic
-Tracking: Advanced
-Tracking: Expert
-Magic: healing wounds, cure poison/disease, magic shield, lightning bolt, energy ball, magic choke
Grandfolk, shanty town…. 809, 18th of Moribel.
A woman and a man whose names are not recorded, living in poverty. The women has pains. She is in agony. Is she dying. No. But something is coming out. Ah yes, a child.
The child is born. But the family is poor and homeless. For a short while, life goes on as they live on the money and food peasants give them.
30th of Moribel. It's still autumn, but signs of winter are coming. It's very cold, raining has stopped, and snowing has began. The people are starving. Last day of autumn, first day of winter. It's seems like this winter is going to be a harsh one.
3th of Randametta. For 3 days, they have not eaten anything. All they had was given to the child. But enough is enough. The child only causes problem, both of them are going to die, along with the child. But they are no heartless. The child must be safe. So, they decide to give the child to someone for adoption. But who would accept the child of a homeless family? A knight order: The Knights of the Blood-Red Light. They are the closest one to Grandfolk, they might could help.
So the parents went there. They almost froze to death. The Grand Master let them in.
He listened to them. The parents and their child were guests of the knighthood for a short period of time. They were given food and shelter. They knights held a council. They decided: the child should be adopted by the knighthood, and the parents should be given enough money for a decent housing, clothes and food. So it happened. The child was adopted, and the parents didn't think about him anymore.
The child inherited the family name of his parents: Tavilrond. But his given name was decided by the knights: Stephanus.
Years have passed, the little Stephanus started growing. He was taught how to ride a horse, fight with sword and use light magic. He seemed to be very talented, so he has got the attention of the masters. As someone who is not of noble blood, he lacked the arrogance of nobles, so the masters loved him. He was very interested in all the books of the libraries in the knighthood's headquarters, and he didn't need parents, nor anything an average child needs.
He was 13 years old, when a crusader named Hlaford Paratus has chosen him as apprentice. The crusader was only 15 years older than Stephanus. Stephanus was fast to learn almost everything from his master, which often annoyed his master. On one side, the crusader was annoyed by the dilemma that what will happen if he won't have anything more to teach to Stephanus, but was also happy because he could become a master earlier.
Their first mission was simple. The 13 years old Stephanus had to wipe out a den of thieves, without killing them. He set a trap for them, and used his magic to protect himself. He impressed both his master and the rest of the knighthood.
Then, he was summoned to Froturn to act as a messenger, who delivered diplomatic messages beetwen Froturn and Etrand. This gave him the chance to get to know high elves, learn their language and drink their wine.
According to tradition, each knight should receive his/her own sword at the age of 14. But by that time, Stephanus has already found a magical sword in a cave, which he still uses. Then he got his proper equipment, such as armour.
He was 15 years old when he first encountered the forces of darkness. He met a necromancers who nearly killed him, but he somehow managed to escape.
At very early - at the age of 16 - he was ready to take the Trials of the Knight. He was successful. He became a paladin and he received his horse.
So, Hlaford became a crusader. So Stephanus's master, Hlaford Paratus became a master at the age of 30. This is still considered very early.
As a paladin, he received much more serious missions.
Stephanus was already 19 when he was heading to the promotion to the rank of Crusader, while the knights of his age were still preparing to the Trials of the Knight to become a Paladin.
His master however died in a battle. This battle was with an old enemy: that necromancers. They learned that the necromancer was also a vampire. Although Hlaford died, Stephanus managed to kill this vampire necromancer. He than carried the corpses of both his master and the vampire to the knighthood. He carried the vampire to prove that he killed him, and he carried the corpse of his former master, because he felt that his loyalty to his master forces him to do so. After a very sad funeral, Stephanus was promoted to the rank of Crusader on a ceremony. From now on, Stephanus is able to chose a youngling and teach him/her.
Between 828 and 831 nothing special has happened to Stephanus, nothing worth of mentioning. He still hasn't chosen his apprentice.


Everyday clothing (upper part)

Everyday clothing (trousers)

Every clothing (boots)

Leather armour

Chainmail armour

Chainmail gauntlets

Battle boots

Knight's cape (he wears it over the armour)

Helmet (he doesn't always wear it)

Belt (he always wears it)

Scabbard (he puts it over his belt)

Stephanus Tavilrond's longsword

He found it in a cave while he was still a youngling. This sword has magical powers: it enhances the magic used by the owner of the sword.

Stephanus Tavilrond's horse

Name: Cathrin
Gender: Female
Colour: White

Cathrin's armour

When she is in the stables, she doesn't wear the armour.
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Stephanus Tavilrond
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