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 The Inquisition

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PostSubject: The Inquisition   Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:53 am

Coat of arms:

What the inquisition does:

Religion: Church of Titanius
Description and history:
The Inquisition was originally founded by the first King of Etrand, Corlagon, in order to purge Etrand out of the worshippers of the old gods. Altrough very cruel and drastic, it has proven to be very effective way to kill off the infidels. But before the reign of his son, Symon, there were still pagans left, elements of resistance to the new religion were most frequent in the military and the nobility.
After the death of Corlagon, his son, Symon put great efforts into financing the inquisiton and extending it's numbers. During the reign of Symon, many fanatics joined the ranks of the inquisition.
Symon put so much effort into cleansing Etrand out of the pagans, that there were almost no pagans left, and much of the survivors fled into Hulra (now Etrancoast).
When Symon felt that the inquisition did it's job, he simply abolished the inquisition.
During the reign of Hereric I, the inquisition became active again.
It was 1 year after Hereric I took the throne, when the first necromancers came ot of nowhere. He tried to use the inquisition againts them, but they were not enough. So he employed the military againts them, which was more usefull. They caught them and exiled them to Keldorn.
Hereric lost his throne in 106. He tried to use trumped-up charges to convince the inquisition to label the new ruler as a heretic. The attempt failed. So he used his knights to do the job. After he regained power, he used the inquisition to get rid of all vampires and werewolves in Etrand.
After Hereric's death, the inquisition was abolished once again.
But in 264, after the Second Demonic Invasion, demon-worshipping cults started to show up, so King Andrei re-introduced the inquisition to get rid of the cultists.

After that, he changed the constitution of the inquisition: from now on, they work for the church, not the king-

This was the time when corruption truly began in the Church of Titanius. High elves started to use the inquisition for their own gains, just like many humans did before.

During the 3rd centry when some wood elves and high elves started using dark magic, the rulers answered by force. The wood elven King of Dragoc simply exiled those who used unclean magic. While the high elves in Froturn labeled theese dark magic users as heretics and used the inquisition againts them. Many where killed, while the survivors fled and joined the exiled wood elves. Their descedants became the dark elves.

During the 5th and 6th centuries, heresy started to grow once again. This time, the heretics were no demon-worshipping cultists - they were learned people who had enough of the church's corruption and all the financial talks in the church. They were supported by the peasants, and even by some clergymen. They intended to reform the church.
However, King Hereric II was a conservative fundamentalist, who viewed reformism as heresy and as bad as demon-worshipping cults. His answer was one word: inquisition.
The inquisition became very brutal, and the ammount of innocent people butchered was higher than ever. Now the reformists were going into hiding and formed their own "outcasted titanist" communities.
From then on, even to this day, the flames of inquisition can show up anywhere.
When there are "outcasts", the inquisitions come, and soon many people are burned at the stake.
The Order of the Eternal Crystal Flower is the most famous outcasted Titanist group, and so far, they managed to escape the inquisition pretty well. The inquisition views them as their worst enemies.

See also: Inquisitor (class)
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The Inquisition
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