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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Order of the Death Knights

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PostSubject: Order of the Death Knights   Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:20 pm

Coat of arms:

The Order of Death Knights

Type of organization: An order composed of Dark Knights and Death Knights
Founder: Vrgand, the Dreaded
Current leader: Burkhas Hordung

The order was founded by a very fearsome and dreaded Death Knight , called Vrgang the Dreaded. The order was founded in 525 AEKE. Vrgand started to collect death knights for bodyguards and apprentices, becuase those whom he took next to himself feared him very much. Vrgand started to teach his apprentices to dark magic and fighting.
When Vrgand already had high enough number of followers, they broke into Nex Mucro to "talk" with the council. They demanded a fortress where they could train apprentices undisturbedly. The order flourished as their numbers grew significantly and their knowledge increased. But the goverment didn't like the sight of the fact that Vrgand and his followers are roaming the capital city and are constantly increasing in numbers. So one day, an assasination was attempted againts Vrgand. Unfortenetely the assasination attempt was sucesfull and Vrgand died. Then the goverment seized the order and started to use it as their own army. For many years, the leaders of the order were puppets of the goverment.
Years after years, the order declined in numbers, many left the order and became ordinary mercenaries, and those who stayed prayed for a honorable death in battle. But one day came a young vampire called Burkhas Hordungnak. He quickly mustered an army and boldly attacked the goverment. They overpowered those who were loyal to the goverment, and were strong enough to kill the nembers of the goverment. Burkhas gave mercy to the nembers of the goverment, but he demanded that from then on he will be the leader of the order, and he will be nember of the goverment too. The goverment met the demands. The Order put their home into Nex Mucro, and when they feel like that, they help the goverment, but when they don't, the goverment won't recieve any help.

Other info:
This is the only major order which is composed of dark knights and death knights.
Anyoen can be the leader of the order if they kill the previous leader, otherwise the challanger gets killed.
Motto: "There might be gods in this world, but we are the most powerfull and the mightiest. Even Death fears us."

Dreaded: The leader of the order. The actual leader is Burhkas Hordung who is a death knight and also a vampire. Anyone can take his position away from him if powerfull enough to kill him.
Deathbringer: The most trained nembers of the order. Most of them are not even human beings anymore, but werewolves or vampires, maybe talented orcish or elven warriors. Non-vampire or non-werewolf humans nembers are very rare. Their maximum number if 25. Just like the position of the Dreaded, the position of the Deathbringer can be "stolen" from a nember by killing him/her.
Death Knight/Dark Knight: The most numerous part of the order. Not as strong as the Deathbringers, but stronger than Fallen Knights. Anyone who completes the Trials of the Death Knight can becmone one of them.
Fallen Knight: They are not full nembers of the order. Depending on their actual power, they are promoted to the rank of Death Knight or Dark Knight after completing the Trials of the Death Knight.

Functions: (Anyone can choose them, exept for Fallen Knights who are not full nembers yet)
Murderer: Those who prefer melee weapons over magic. They can favor any kind of melee weapons: swords, axes, hammers, spears, pikes or javels.. They live in the headquarters. (The Dreaded cannot choose to be one of them, as he/she has to be the best warrior of all.)
Dark Warrior: They prefer dark magic over melee weapons, but not exactly wizards, since they are trained in the use of melee weapons too. They live in the headquarters. (The Dreaded cannot choose to be one of them, as he/she has to be the best magician of all.)
Death Ranger: They do not live in the headquarters, and only occasionally return there. Their main task is to recruit more nembers and get money for the order. Every one of them has to return to the headquarters and make report at least once a month. (The Dreaded can be one of them, but he/she has to return more often to the headquarters.)
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Order of the Death Knights
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