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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Knights of the Blood-Red Light

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PostSubject: Knights of the Blood-Red Light   Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:49 am


Type of the organization: Military–monastic order
-count Ferrumius Miles and archbishop Silentiumus Rolfrand (the original order)
-general Repleus Victoria Tectum (the current order)
The current leader: Gaius Frostang
This knighthood has the longest history of them all.
Since the war againts the high elves (1138-1135 BEKE), humans always had the idea of organizing heavily armoured cavalry like the one high elves have. But it didn't happen until the orcish invasion
After the establishment of the Kingdom of Etrand, the king abolished the obsolete barbarian army, and reformed the Etrandish military in Froturnish style.
During the Orcish Invasion, a count named Sepelius Miles had in mind that simple heavy cavalry might not be enough.
He had an idea of organizing a heavy cavalry out of soldiers who are trained in swordsmanship from early childhood.
Unfortenetely Sepelius couldn't live up to see his dream coming true. But it was done after his death.
His son, count Ferrumius Miles, with the aid of archbishop Silentiumus Rolfrand created a religious military order: The Knights of the Golden Light.
The first nembers were actually monks who took horses and heavy armour. They dropped the traditional monk's clothes and the wooden sticks, and adopted swords and heavy armour. But they kept using clerical magic.
But this order had limited influence, after the initial rise of the nembers, it quickly started to first stagnate, than decline in numbers.
After the first necromancers showed up in 104 AEKE, a few knights betrayed the order and turned to the necromancers. Many loyal members were killed, and only a few escaped.
After the necromancers were exiled, there were no knights for a while.
However, in the beginning of the first demonic invasion, general Repleus Victoria Tectum, - whose ancestors were in the original order - rebuilt the order, and renamed it to Knights of the Blood-Red Light.
He revived the original flag and coat of arms, but replaced yellow color with red
This knighthood had much more influence, and more nembers. Many nobles and priets also financially supported it.
During the war, they trained many young boys - and even some girls - in the use of the sword, clerical magic and horse riding.
After the war, they started to accept more and more children into training.
The knights also took place in the war which Etrand fought againts Hulra.

1. Grand Master (The one and only leader of the order. Everyone must be loyal to him/her)
2. Master (The Nembers of the Council in the order. Altrough this rank is not tied to age, most masters are over the age of 35. If the grand master dies, the masters have a council and elect a volunteer master. Any Crusader can become a Master if has sucesfully trained an Apprentice into a Paladin)
3. Crusader (Crusaders can take an apprentice and teach him/her. If the crusader's apprentice gets promoted to the rank of Paladin, the Crusader gets promoted to the rank of Master)
4. Paladin (A knight, who is now wholly consider part of the order. After completing the Trials of the Knight, a Paladin gets promoted to the rank of Crusader)
5. Apprentice (a Youngling becomes an Apprentice when is old enough to start serious learning - mostly at the age of 14 or a bit earlier - and a Crusader has chosen one of them. After enough learning - mostly at the age of 18 or a bit later - Apprentices usually get promoted to the rank of Paladin)
6. Youngling (members of the order who are either under the age of 14 or simply joined the order after the age of 14 and still have much to learn)

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Knights of the Blood-Red Light
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