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 List of historical monarchs

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PostSubject: List of historical monarchs   Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:12 pm

Theese are not the birth dates of the monarchs. Only the dates when did their reign begin and end.

Kings of Etrand

Red color = Corlagonid dynasty (0-71)
yellov color = Hengistid dynasty (71-145)
Cyan color = Tondbertid dynasty (145-718)
Green color = Briantid dynasty (718-present)

0-17: King Corlagon I, the phounder
17-43: King Simon I, the Inquisitor (son of Corlagon I)
43-69: King Coenred I (son of Simon I)
69-71: King Cuichelm I (Coenred I's iounger brother)

71-101: King Hengist I (Cuichelm I's daughter's husband)
101-106, 108-117: King Hereric I, the blood-handed (son of Hengist I)
106-108: Prince Osric I, the Usuper (younger brother of Hereric I, gained power in 106, Hereric I regained power in 108)
117-145: King Sighard I, the Builder (son of Hereric I)

145-146: King Svidhelm I, the Elder (unknown, son of an unknown count)
146-182: King Tondbert I, the Religious (son of Svidhelm I)
182-210: King Aiden  I, the Trader (son of Tondbert I)
210-234: King Amergin I (son of Aiden)
234-275: King Andrei I, the Expansionist (son of Amergin I)
275-318: King Cuthbert I, the Wise (son of Andrei I)
318-356: King Adalmund I, the Rich (son of Cuthbert I)
356-389: King Aethelvine I, the Cruel (son of Adalmund I)
389-421: King Boven I, the Inquisitor (son of Aethelvine I)
421-456: King Boid I, the Negotiator (son of Boven I)
456-498: King Cadeirn I (son of Boid I)
498-525: King Broderick II (son of Cadeirn I)
525-556: King Hereric II (son of Broderick I)
556-580: King Alcott I (son of Hereric II)
580-604: King Athelstan I, the Merciful (son of Alcott I)
604-630: King Hengist II (son of Athelstan I)
630-664: King Hereric III (son of Hengist II)
664-688: King Bourn I (son of Hereric III)
688-718: King Calder I (son of Bourn I)

718-744: King Briant I, the Just (Calder's daughter's husband)
744-789: King Cairbre I (son of Birant I)
789-814: King Calhoun I (son of Cairbre I)
814-present: King Orlonius I (son of Calhoun I, still lives and reigns)

Kings of Hulra (now Etrancoast)

BEKE = Before the establishment of Kingdom of Etrand
AEKE = After the establishment of Kingdom of Etrand

1151-1138: villem I, the first
1138-1112: Menhard
1112-1105: Eilbern I, the Steel
1105-1102: Gerulph I
1102-1064: Ricvi I, the Old
1064-1055: Tado I
1055-1032: Eilbern II, the Just
1032-1016: Menbold I
1016-1009: Ricvi II
1009-1001: Redbad
1001: Eilbern III the white
1001-993: Osnath
993-981: Gerulph II
981-963: Menbold II
963-957: villem II
957-938: Eilbern IV, the Builder
938-917: Gerulph III
917-903: Hrodhard I
903-888: villem III
888-874: Eilbern V
874-856: Gerulph IV
856-840: Thoncric
840-811: Helibad I
811: villem IV
811-812: Helibad II
812-810: Liudulph I
810-787: Sibraht I
787-758: Gerulph V
758-731: Eilbern VI
731-706: Thiadbold I, the Fat
706-684: Menbold III
684-669: Gervar, the Child
669-652: Meintet
652-630: Eilbern VII
630-613: Thancvard
613-601: Thiadbrund
601-597: Liudulph II
597: phrethvi
597-591: Eilbern VIII, the Whacker
591-586: Menico I
586: Thiadbold II, the Nitwit
586-574: Hrodhard II
574-546: Gerulph VI
546-521: Helibad III
521-507: Eilbern IX
507: Liudulph III
507-487: viltet, the Durable
487-452: Raeddeg
452-441: Liudgod U
441-420: Eilbern X
420-398: Liudulph IV
398-373: Gerold I
373-329: Thiadbold III, the Elder
329-320: Sivi
320-311: Helibad IV
311-304: Gerulph V
304-330: Ricleph, the fat
330-312: Gerhard I, the Eagle
312-291: Eilbern XI
291-259: Gerulph VI, the wise
259-225: Liudgod II
225-197: Helibad V
197-178: Gerhard II
178-151: Gerhard III
151-137: Gerulph VII
137-126: Menbold IV
126-105: Sibraht II
105-101: Eilbern XII
101-89: Liudulph V
89-71: Habo
71-52: Helibad VI
52-22: Tado II, the Just
22-7: GeroldII

7 BEcE - 14 AEKE: Eilbern XIII, the Blind

14-40: Gerulph VIII
40-86: Avo
86-103: Gerold III
103-106: Sibraht III
106-140: Gerulph IX
140-173: Eilbern XIV
173-181: Menico II
181-203: Thiadbold IV
203-220: Eilbern XV
220-245: Liudgod III
245-251: Liudulph VI, the Handsome
251-273: villem V, the Gold-Handed
273-274: Gerulph IX, the Last

Hulra's coat of arms
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List of historical monarchs
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