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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 From the Late Middle Age to Present

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PostSubject: From the Late Middle Age to Present   Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:42 am

After the end of the orcish ivnasion, 65 years of peace came.
Until one day, a power-hungry and ambitious young noble was visited by a creepy old man. This old man - who was also the very first person recorded who used necromancy (altrough it is assumed that necromancy was a much older, ancient practise, probabaly even used by the lizardmen durng the Ancient Lizardman Empire.) The young noble's soul was corrupted. He became the first death knight.
They had innocent peasants executed and their dead bodies transformed into zombies and undead skeletons. The young noble one day got a very strange disease. He had bites on his neck, his skin turned pale and he couldn't move out to the sun. He was also forced to suck human blood to stay fresh and strong. He was the very first recorded vampire, but it's almost a fact that he was turned into a vampire by an another one. We don't know when did the first vampire appear.

The old man was already a nember of a sect which used dark magic.
This old man invented a revolutionary method to turn into undead without losing his mind. He invented the method of transforming into a lich. He was the very first lich.
The noble and the old man managed to make up a decent army out of zombies and undead skeletons, and they also found werewolves and other vampires as allies.
But the two (the noble and the old man) didn't have a very long lifespan in Etrand: they were exiled to Celdorn. They formed the Undead Empire there.

The orcish invasion happened, the necromancers started to roam the world. What worse could possibly come? The demon invasion.

147 years after the establishment of the Undead Empire, a new threat came: The demons.
They came out of nowhere. Their goal is unknown.

They fought againts everyone.
The undead managed to kill off the demon invaders rather quickly.
The brave and strong orcish warriors managed to beat the demons, and took all of their claws and horns as trophies.
The wood elves initially lost battle after battle, but than they discovered how druidic magic can be used to kill off the demons.
The humans also lost battle after battle first, then discovered how clerical magic and holy water can be used to kill off the demons.
The high elves were wise to fight the demons on open ground, combining their massive armies with effective magic.
The lizardmen fought on a guerilla war, and managed to beat the demons.

The winners touught that they won and the worse was over. But no. The worse was yet to come: There was a Second Demonic Invasion!
This time, the demons came with much bigger armies. Many humans, elves, orcs, lizardmen and undead fell on the battlefield. The enemies of the demons were losing battle after battle.
It was time for a divine intervention.
The humans and high elves turned to Titanius, the wood elves turned to Selanna and Gorinnon, the lizardmen to their many gods, and the orcs to Father Sky and Mother Earth.
Their prayers were listened.
The humans and high elves got angels with divine powers, who banished the demons to the place they came from.
They previously hostile dragons volunteered to aid the wood elves againts their struggle againts the demons.
The lizardmen found wywerns and hydras to help them to do the dirty work.
The orcs managed to discover some sort of magic or drug which helped them to use a new type of battle frenzy: the Berserk. Orcish warriors would continue fighting even after being lethally wounded or losing limbs.

The undead started using their dark magic, and managed to overcome the demons by simply rescurrecting their dead warriors and using the advantage of numbers.

The war was over. But at what cost? So many people died during this terrible war. People escaped from vulnerable villages to the much safer well-fortified cities.
During this time did race-mixing became widespread: the number of half-elves and half-orcs radically increased.
Half-Orcs had to chose beetwen attempting to assimilate into human soceity (which was very hard, because humans always hated orcs) or become part of orcish soceity - which was hard to bear because orcs often ridiculed "mongrels" and tought they were weak and worthless.
Many half-elves were accepted into wood elven, high elven or human soceity, but not all. Some of them decided to migrate and form their own country - the Prinipality of Artburro.
The humans managed to easaly bear the consequences of the war. 10 years after the war, so many children were born that humans faced overpopulation in Etrand. Humans wanted to populate more areas, so they were going to convince their king to expand their borders and annex some smaller states. Among others, many humans were interested in the mountains in Northern-Etrand, mainly due to the famous silver and gold mines there. Northern Etrand was mainly populated by dwarves and gnomes during that time. A smaller war broke out, but with next to zero dead. King Andrei promised them that they could stay partly independent, practise their religion if they let humans to settle there. This was the very first step in Etrand towards freedom of faith.
The population problem was solved, and Etrand also managed to gain a new scource of income: the silver and gold mines of Northern Etrand. But the King of Hulra heard about this, and invaded Etrand. He made a great mistake.
The Etrandish army was had lots of veterans who previously fought againts the demons. Theese soldiers were much more experienced and battle-hardened that those of Hulra. The Etrandish not only managed to defeat the invaders, but also to conquer Hulra itself and rename it to Etrancoast.

This was followed by 144 years of peace. Then, some wood elves and high elves started to learn the use of dark magic. They were banished underground, and became the Dark Elves. It is unknown how did they evolve.
Initially they had a king, but the king had no heirs, so the kingdom was divided beetwen some clans.

23 years later, a rebellion erupted in Etrancoast. The people wanted independence. The King of Etrand makes a peacefull deal with the Etrancoastal nobles: they can have their own Earl answers only to the King of Etrand and no other Etrandish noble, but in return, they must promise to supress all of paganism. Etrancoast was given limied autonomy, it's ties with Etrand began getting softer.

(The rebellion happened about 400 years before the game's start)
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From the Late Middle Age to Present
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