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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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PostSubject: Chronology   Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:39 am

BEKE = Before the establishment of Kingdom of Etrand
AEKE = After the establishment of Kingdom of Etrand

Circa 20 000 BEKE: The establishment of Ancient Lizardman Empire
Circa 6000 BEKE: Lizardmen colonize a new unknown island.
Circa 3700 BEKE: The Ancient Lizardman Empire is divided in two: the Continental Empire and the Insular Empire.
Circa 3300 BEKE: Dwarves, gnomes and halflings go out of their underground homelands. There are major rebellions in the Continental Empire.
Circa 3000 BEKE: The fall of the Continental Empire.
Circa 2000 BEKE: The Ancient Elves / Proto-Elves leave their homelands in hope of finding a new home. They colonize Atrograch.
Beetwen 1400 1200 BEKE: The Ancient Elves / Proto-Elves evolve into High Elves, Wood Elves and Humans
1151 BEKE: The tribes of Hulra (humans), in order to put an end to all the wars beetwen smaller tribes, elect a king from one of the clan leaders near the estuary or Yvr. From now on, when a king dies, a new one is elected. The first election is witnessed and recorded by a travelled from Froturn (high elves), so we accurately know the dates of the first king's reign (calculated from how many full moon rises or even years passed thourgh the king's reign). The first king's name is Willem
1138 BEKE: King Phathred managed to unite the human tribes of Etrand and proclaims himself High King of Etrand. In history, this state became known as Phathred's Federation, but in reality it was known as Kingdom of Etrand during it's short lifespan.
Circa 1135-1136 BEKE: The King of Phroturn sends an army againts the more and more powerfull High King of Etrand, but during the night, the barbarians (Etrandish) raid the high elves in the western hills. This battle was recorded as the very first battle in history where poorly-equiped, numerically inferior and unorganized barbarians managed to defeat better-equiped, numerically superior and organized foes. High Kiing Fathred's influence and confidence flourishes.
Circa 1125 BEKE: Fathred launches a military campaign againts the southern tribes which ends in a disasterous faulire, but the high king managed to supress the revolts againts him... yet...
Circa 1110 BEKE: High King Phathred dies, his sons launch a civil war of sucession. Some tribes proclaim independence.
Circa 1106 BEKE: Fathred's fourth son, Guthbard managed to win the civil war, but anoter Phroturnish intervention puts an end to Guthbard's reign and also to the first unified Etrandish state. It wasn't recorded what happened to Guthbard. Some say he died in battle, others say he was captured alive and was either executed or died in prison. Some say that he managed to escape and lived the rest of his life as a hermit. Some say that he was captured alive, and converted to the cult of Titanius in prison.
846 BEKE: The wood elves start to wage war on humans and lizardmen.
834 BEKE: The war ends, wood elves lose. A wood elven general, Thorm'fa revolts.
833 BEKE: Thorm'fa is exiled. Establishment of Orcish Kingdom.
8 BEKE: Corlagon starts to wage war on the other Etrandish tribes.
0 BEKE/AEKE: Corlagon establishes the Kingdom of Etrand. The humans of Etrand convert to the Cult of Titanius. Corlagont is the first King of Etrand.
34 AEKE: The Orcish invasion starts.
37 AEKE: The end of the Orcish Invasion. The Orcish Kingdom breaks apart into 4 tribes: Hro'z, Kro'm, Bru'k and Pri'd.
102 AEKE: First records about necromancy, undead, vampirism and werewolves. The first necromancer (who will become the first lich) and the first death knight (who will become the first recorded vampire) start to pillage the countryside of Etrand
104 AEKE: The necromancer and the death knight are caught and they and their servants are exiled to the island of Celdorn.
251 AEKE: The First Demonic Invasion starts. King Andrei of Etrand's wife finally gives birth to a son: Alfried. The young king of Hulra, Liudulf VI dies in a battle againts the demons, his sucessor is Willem V.
253 AEKE: The end of theFirst Demonic Invasion.
255 EKAZ: King Andrei of Etrand's second son is born: Kuthbert.
257 AEKE: The Second Demonic Invasion starts.
263 AEKE: A Second Demonic Invasion ends.
Arround 270 AEKE: The Kingdom of Etrand conquers Northern Etrand and makes the dwarven clans protectorates.

The Long Raid (273 AEKE):
- early authumn: Clan Drmiah with their leader, Edhel suprisingly starts to raid Southern Etrand, on the plains barbarians armies are marching towards Copperport and Talon.

-authumn: Prince Alfred collects the southern armies and marches againts Edhel to crush the hordes. The battle is fought near Golea, but during the cavalry charge, Alfred falls from his horse and breaks his neck, the nobles blow the horn and retreat, while infantry (which is left without support) is butchered by the barbarians. The Southern Army is gone, the barbarians make a camp near the river and start to plunder the farmlands for food.

- late autumn: in the north, Prince Cuthbert suppresses peasant uprisings, when he is informed of his brother's, Alfred's death. King Willem V of Hulra invades Northern Etrand with an army, Cuthbert retreats to Grandfolk, Willem lays siege to the city. This was the very first time in history when Grandfolk - the capital city of the Kingdom of Etrand - was ever besieged.

- early winter: the winter seems to be rather mild, so the siege continues. King Villem demands the surrender of the city, but Cuthbert refuses.

- winter: the coldest winter in the history of Etrand befalls to Etrand: all rivers and lakes freeze, after a few weeks, the starving and freezing army of Villem decides to withdraw to the east, but Cuthbert attacks them from the back, and King Villem dies in the battle. In the south, barbarians - not disturbed by the cold a bit - are on the move again. They arrive in Talon in a winter storm during night, climb the low stone walls and surprise the guards who retreated from the cold to their towers. The invaders open the gates and swarm the part which was near the frozen lake, and after one day of plundering and pillaging, they leave the sacked village.

- late winter: the victorious Prince Cuthbert arrives in Talon, but sees how the village is sacked and the people are starving. Considering the weather and the conditions of the country, Cuthbert decides not to pursue Clan Drmiah, so the Long Raid remains unpunished.

274 AEKE: The war with Hulra is officially over. The last king, Gerulph IX disappears, Hulra is occupied by the Etrandish and is renamed to Etrancoast. The population is converted to the Cult of Titanius by the point of the sword, but pagan elements remain strong, and resistance to the new masters and the new faith remains strong.
421 AEKE: Elves who use dark magic are banished underground. The Dark Elf race starts it's exsistence..
431 AEKE: The Etrancoast Uprising erupts, but ends up getting supressed by the King of Etrand. Hulran Paganism goes underground.
433 AEKE: The King of Etrand makes a peacefull deal with the Etrancoastal nobles: they can have their own Earl answers only to the King of Etrand and no other Etrandish noble, but in return, they must promise to supress all of paganism. Etrancoast is given limied autonomy, it's ties with Etrand are getting softer.
831 AEKE: This is where the game plays.
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