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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Undead creatures

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PostSubject: Undead creatures   Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:29 am

The undead do not breathe, do not need for or drink and are immune to poison and diseases. They do not age (except for vampires and werewolves who do not age over 18).


Undead skeletons. They no mind on their own, and can't speak. Necromancers control them like puppets.


Zombies are more humanoid than skeletons, but also slower. Zombies also have a very primitive mind on their own (approx. and intelligence of 70 IQ), but are totally incapable of betraying their master. Unlike other animated creatures, zombies do not die after their master dies. "Freed zombies" travel arround the world, struggling for survival on their own. There were some "freed zombies" which managed to learn abot ways to increase intelligence (from 70 IQ to like 150), and later learned how to use magic.


Unresting spirits of the dead who did not find the final peace they were wishing for through death, now exploited by necromancers to make their army even more specialized. They walk trough walls and normal weapons are useless againts them. But magic is what they are very vulnerable to.... a goodly aimed fireball can put theese unresting souls to the final peace they were always wishing for.

See here.

See here.

See here.

Bone Dragon
See here.

Ghost Dragon
See here.

See here.
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Undead creatures
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