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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Magic in the world

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PostSubject: Magic in the world   Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:45 am

Sacred and Profane magic

First of all be clear. Magic can be either Arcane or Divine.
Both are equally capable of magic. The only difference is that the users of Arcane magic (wizards, mages, sorcerrers, witches, necromancsers) use their own Mana, while the users of Divine Magic (clerics, monks, knights, inquisitors) recieve magic spells as gifts from their God(s).
By the way ... divine magic has no effects on the body and the mind of the user. But those who use Arcana Magic, the do...

There are some "basic spells" which every single spellcaster (priest, druid, magician, etc.) can use. Those are Telekinesis, Lighting and Energy Bolt.
Telekinesis is probably the most versatile spell ever. Most people - especially non-spellcasters - believe that it can be only used for pulling, pushing and lifting objects. That's totally wrong! Telekinesis can be also used to enchance your jump, to fly, to choke someone, to crush objects, etc. etc.

The effects of Arcane Magic on the user's mind and body

Good Wizards: has no effect on the body nor the mind. However, the pleasantness your companions feel about traveling with you as if you were a natural leader. You inspire your friends and companions, even if it is againts your will.
Neutra Wizards: Your eyes are (whatever the species belong, even if the vampire) will be the natural color. The colour of your skin color will be but slightly lighter and a little grayer. And for some reason, you can feel whenever someone is telling lies or speaking the truth.
Evil Wizards: strange eyes , graying or pale skin, darker hair. In addition, people arround you feel fear, fear of death. You are not in full controll of yourself. You are losing controll to your hatred, anger, lust for power, which are trying to take over you. Power makes you blind.. The more you give in to the darkness and your darker emotions/ambitions (anger, hatred, lust for power), the more you lose control over yourself. (Except for vampires and liches, who are in full controll.)

If this is clarifying the it is time to rest ...

The magic classes

Light Magic: , healing, blessings, rescurrecting the dead (of natural and sacred way) and all ways of elimitating the evil and the undead.
Dark Magic: Curses, poisoning, rescurrecting the dead (the unholy and unnatural means: creating undead zombies), and of course some clever little trick, and some attacking spells (eg, strangulation).
Elemental Magick: Creation and destruction. All that the elements (fire, water, air, earth) about. That which items of the 4 or experienced, we are free to decide for yourself.
Although the summon elementals (the creation of the use of elemental spells), only the Wizards can do (and mostly within the neutral character, but rarely the good ones and or evil ).... However, the destructive side of the elemental spells can be used by anyone. Wizards, clerics, knights, fallen knights. Both good and evil.
Generalization that the evil like fire more (fireball, fire storm, etc) and good (especially the Knights) like air more (Sparks, villámgömb, lightning, thunder, citing, szélkitörés, etc.).

But there is no total list of usable spells No.

Both Destruction and Creation are the same things: modification, which is possible by taming the nature's powers first.

Weaker and novice wizards use pre-made spells from magic books, while the stronger and the more experienced write spells from themselves.
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Magic in the world
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