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 Angelic creatures

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PostSubject: Angelic creatures   Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:46 am

Stories about angelic creatures - or angels in vernacular vocabulary - are mostly found in oral traditions and ancient records. Needless to say, the ancient records provide much more detailed information about this mysterious creatured, but those are totally unaccessable to the average folk. What even the poorest farmer heard (or even saw) that angels are on the good side of the stereotypical Good versus Evil war. In addition to that, we use the name "angels" on those men, women or even children who suddenly appear in trouble and then disappear, whose beauty is even beyond the elves' beauty, who wear white clothes, and banish the evil. Even ancient records give conflicting information which contradicts itself: angelic creatures are sometimes depicted as messengers of the God(s), sometimes as Champions of the Ligh, sometimes as founders or last remnants of a long gone ancient civilization. Artists usually portray angels as human-like creatures with wings. Some say the artists' representations of the angels are accurate, some say they're not. But we can clearly say that more demons are seen than angels, and unfortenetely there is much more evidence of the former's exsistence.


In some traditions they are called "Ophanim" or "Ishim". They are the ordinary angels whom people most frequently claim to see. They have two wings, and are more or less part of folk traditions, rather than the most celebrated angelic creatures in religion.


Singular: Seraph
Plural: Seraphim
In cities where monasteries of light are standing, even the most meager beggar knows that name's meaning. For clerics, priests, priestesses and knights, Seraphim are the widely known Champions of Light, mysterious angelic warriors who take up arms againts Darkness when the world descends into misery and decay- at least according to how knights depict them, because traditions and legends themselves usually differ. But there aren't many things which concuss the icon, theese angels are role modells for those warriors who wish to destroy evil permanently rather than just banish them temporally. Artists usually portray them with two, or sometimes four wings.


Singular: Chayot (pronouned: Kayot)
Plural: Chayotim (pronouned: Kayotim)
Fire is the most dangerous element to most of the undead, and it should me mentioned, that despite this, setting great fires scares the living as well. Not those sentient beings, who look at the fire as an element of purification and reincarnation. These ancient cults of fire are following and preaching such tenets, which claim that the source of the Light is actually the Fire itself. In contrast to most religious writings, these sporadic legends are actually more alike, and thus, most of the young adept mages and acolytes are giving them more credit, as they claim, "legends which are pointing in the same direction, could only be true". However, the older generations of mages and priests simply do not agree with this all the time. They convincedly claim, that fire is lethal to both living and undead creatures, but could be manipulated by both, in their own way. So, the above mentioned sporadic writings sometimes mention creatures called Chayotim, whom for the simple men are defined as Angels of Fire, or Angels of Flames. Fire cults look upon them just as Light cults at Seraphs, and often they embody even a much more zealous fighting spirit, in name of exorcising or destroying evil.


Singular: Cherub (pronouned: Kerub)
Plural: Cherubim (pronouned: Kerubim)
More recent records rarely mention them. This might be because the legends which revolve arround Cherubim are very sporadic and also hard to fully understand. It has been centuries since were last mentioned in fairy tales, partily because it was never specifically mentioned that they serve the Light, only that they fight againts Darkness. One of the few analogous elements is that they are almost always portrayed with six wings. In vernacular, they are known as "the faceless", and this naming's origins are uncertain (artists portray them with faces), the average person rarely hears about them.


Singular: Nephil (pronouned: Nefil)
Plural: Nephilim (pronouned: Nefilim)
Written records about the Nephilim are extremely scarce, and more often than not, they are not even portrayed as black-winged angels, but instead as wingless giants - thus it is entirely possible, that these are two seperate and unrelated creatures with smilar-sounding names, which are causing the confusion. Either angels or giants, the word Nephilim is always on a par with that of darkness. Where were they first mentioned, or if they had a more positive role is unknown, even their existence is a matter of debate.


Singular: Zahril
Plural: Zahrilim
Most people identify Fallen Angels with Demons, especially Devils, Demon Lords.
But are Fallen Angels and Devils / Demon Lords really the same, or is it just another legend which haven't been proven?
There are legends about certain Fallen Angels - Zahrilim, as they name them - who simply remained angels, strong and beautiful, instead of magically turning into ugly red-skinned Devils once turned to Darkness.
Do they really exist?
No one really knows, but there are some very inaccurate and unreliable historical records, which claim that there were in fact Angels, not Demons, fighting on the Side of Darkness.
How do they really look like? Probably indistinguishable from normal angels, if they even exist in the first place.
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Angelic creatures
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