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 Religion of the dragons

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PostSubject: Religion of the dragons   Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:09 pm

Dragons don't believe in gods. Many say that this is egoism and superiority complex.
Others think otherwise. The dragons worship the stars. Their religion is Astrolatry (Star Worship) mixed with Anchestor Worship.
They belive that when you are born, your fate is already written in the stars.

This religion doesen't have any churches or priets. It's much simplier. They believe that nobody should be worried abouth death because their fate is already written in the stars.
The Dragons believe that if someone does something that will make him/her famous (regardless of being good or evil) he/she will live as a star in the skies, but if he/she is not worth of remember, his/her soul will cease to exsist as if never exsisted at all.
For this reason, some dragons are afraid of death, despite the fact that religion tells them to be calm and not be worried about death.
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Religion of the dragons
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