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 Church of Titanius

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PostSubject: Church of Titanius   Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:49 am

Titanius, god of light, the creator, the only one. Or at least, that's what the believers believe in. The religion was founded by the High Elves, and now three countries (Kingdom of Froturn, Kingdom of Etrand, Earldom of Etrancoast) has it as their state religion. The main reason for the religion's popularity might be that it is "for everyone" . It theoretically forbids all sorts of racial discrimination, but the reality is different. The "invitation" for the Church of Titanius is mainly for humans and elves, altrough there are some races which they gladly accept or just merely tolerate, however there are some races which are citied as incapable of worshipping Titanius (for example, orcs are considered too "barbaric and demonic" to be accepted, not like the orcs want to convert anyway)

According to religious doctorine, in the beginning there was silence, darkness and chaos, any anything which was born in those times got immediately destroyed. This period was inconceivably long, but somehow, Titanius was born, who is the personification of light and order, mighty and strong. Titanius fought the darkness and chaos, and won. After his glorious victory, Titanius started creating the world: the lands, the stars, the waters. After that, he created life: plants, animals, creatres. After creating life, he then created the Proto-Elves, gave them soul and eternal life, and also the Eden: an island, where the people were always happy and didn't have any problems. Their life could have been perfect, but darkness and chaos wasn't fully destroyed yet, and has worked with all its force to destroy Titanius and his created world. Evilness has corrupted the souls of the Proto-Elves, who destroyed the Eden succumbing to the temptation and turned away from Titanius. The god of life could not have allowed evil to be dominant again, so he punished the Proto-Elves, and altrough he didn't take away their soul, but he made them mortals and started to torment the proto-elves with natural disasters which fored them to leave the island. After the left the island, Titanius destroyed the Eden. Altrough the people have forgotten about Titanius, Titanius hasn't forgotten about them. He led them to the continent of Artongrach. He also created the Angels, whose duty is to help the people to turn back to the right direction. It has been very long since the Proto-Elves split into 3 races, but the High Elves were sucesfull to turn back: they saw the light and Titanius adopted them. The god of light promised that those who start to go on the path of Light are rewarded with afterlife in Titanius's New Eden. So more and more children of Titanius turned back to him, and regardless of how many people did they split to, Titanius always accepted them gladly. But evil hasn't been sleeping for long, corrupted and damned souls, who turned to the Darkness, became demons and swore an oath to destroy everything. Altrough many people believed that the evil demons will be victorious, Titanius sent his strongest angels: the seraphims. And with their help, the demons were defeated.

Without enough space to write down everything, we only wrote the creation myth in a simplified version, and in addition to a creation myth, Titanius also has laws, which detrime what is good and what is evil. We don't have space to write down all of them, only the most important ones:
- Respect and never commit blasphemy
- Do not live a selfish life, serve the community of Titanius.
- Order should be the most important in your life, never give in to the chaos's temptations.
- In order is broken, do everything you can to restore it.
- Respect everyone who is on the Light Side.
- Try to convince people to turn to the Light.
- If someone turned to the Darkness, punish him/her for that blasphemous act.
- Use all your force to destroy the creatures of chaos and darkness.

Most of Titanius's worshippers are part of the Church of Titanius: this means that they assist in the building of new temples, they play Church tax to the priests, and they attend rites in the churches. In addition to that, they also pray to Titanius at home. This would be alright, but there is also church corruption, exploitation of believers, and sometimes the Inquisition appears, which has only innocent victims most of the time. So this is why the cult of "outcasts" is born. Those are the ones who believe that the Church has not right to exsist, and only the faith matters. The Church persecutes those who belong to the "outcasts". The outcasts usually hide in old sanctuaries and ruins, and their rites aren't led by a priest, instead an average believer. Altrough they do not call themselves "outcasts", instead they call themselves "True Believers" or "Orthodox Titanists", but those of the Church regard them as heretics and and (wrongfully) associate them with demons, that means they use their Inquisition to purge Etrand and Froturn of them. The truth is that an average "outcast Titanist" is usually much more religious than an average Priest from the Church. The most famous "outcast" community is the Order of the Eternal Crystal Flower.
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Church of Titanius
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