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 Kingdom of Etrand

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Etrand   Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:51 am

Kingdom of Etrand
Form of Government: Feudal monarchy
Dominant race: Humans
Official language: Apanonalammen
Államvallás: Church of Titanius

The country's ruler is obviously the King. He is the lord of life and death de jure, although there are some limits to his power de facto (nobles). He makes the laws, he handles diplomacy, etc.
The king's wife, the queen usually rules for a brief period of the King dies without heir, or the oldest heir still too young to rule.
The princes are the king's sons. The oldest of them usually inherits the throne, though sometimes older princes - especially if they are already elderly when their father dies - often give up on the throne in favor of a younger one.
The princesses are the king's daughters. If a king dies without male heir, the oldest princess's husband becomes the next king.

Below the King are the Grand Earls, governing over the four regions of Etrand: Inner Etrand, Western Etrand, Northern Etrand and Southern Etrand.
Below the counts are the lesser Earls, whose dominion usually includes several villages. Cities are usually self-governing.
The Earls and Grand Earls have the same type of succession as kings.

Former Kings of Etrand, read here.
And, the current ruling family:

King Orlonius

Current King of Etrand 48 éves. He is not as religious as his predecessors, and prefers to rely on his more economically-minded henchmen when it comes to economics, but no one can deny his skills in battle. Both as an individual warrior and a general, he is strong, and famous for his skills.
He has the reputation for being a good king, due to his efforts to minimize taxes on peasants and his crusade against corruption within the Church.

Queen Izabella

The wife of Orlonius, daughter of a now-dead earl.

Prince Markal

The only son of Orlonius and Izabella. 21 years old. Just like his father, he shows promise in military matters, however, unlike him, Markal is more religious. Markal received a religious education from the very start, and his father - realizing his own incompetence at economics, and wishing that his successor will do better - also had him education in economics.

Princess Izabella

The daughter of King Orlonius and Queen Izabella.
She has the same name as her mother. 19 years old, unmarried.

Etrand törvényei

1. § Anyone who dares to defy the King deserves execution. (unless the King specifically orders for a more lenient punishment, or ignores the case)
2. § Etrand is the Kingdom of Light, not Darkness. Anyone caught practising necromancy, dark magic or denomic studies is punished by burning on stake.
3. § Every religion that doesn't have anything to do with demons and darkness is tolerated, but the Church of Titanius is the official state religion, therefore it's rules and traditions are to be enforced. Heretics who defy the Church are to be burned on stake.
4. § All races untainted by darkness are equal. Undead and demons are not tolerated, and are to be killed on sight. (note: Dark Elves are NOT considered to be " a race tainted by darkness", as long as they don't practice their dark magic in public)
5. § People involved in illegal smuggling are to be hanged.
6. § Peasants are to obey their noble overlords. Only the King, the Church and the Inquisition have the right to question and judge nobles.
7. § Those caught killing crimeless innocents are to be executed. Those who murder wanted criminals are to be rewarded with money. (unless the criminal is wanted alive, which makes the killer pay fine)
8. § Only the King, the Church and the Inquisition have the right to judge whether rebellions are correct or not. If a rebellion is orchestrated by demonic cultists, thne the rebels are to be killed all with no questioning. If the rebellion is caused by Church-loyalists against a heretical nobleman, then the state is to support the rebels.
9. § If the Church supports a rebellion, then the rebels win - the heretical nobleman is burned at stake for heresy.
10. § Soldiers are to obey their leaders. Those involved in a coup are to be executed by impaling.
11. § The Dwarves and Gnomes of Northern Etrand are to practice their own religion freely and preserve their traditions - including but not limited to their clan-based social structure - as long as they don't rebel and as long as all clans swear alliance to the King of Etrand and don't fight against each other.
12. § Those who steal from others are to return the stolen proprety to the ones they stole from, or compensate for it by money if they do not have it anymore. The thief is also to pay extra money to compensate for all the financial damage the theft has done to the victim ever since it. If the thief cannot pay, he/she must work in labor to make up for the worth of the damage he/she caused.
13. § Every free person is allowed to own slaves. It is however illegal to enslave crimeless innocent free people, or those who once had any position within the Church. Only prisoners of war, thieves with debt and practicers of "lesser heresies" are to be enslaved. It is completely illegal to enslave a nobleman and clergyman, no matter what crimes he commited - in that case, alternate punishments to slavery are mandatory.
14. § Self-defense is every person's right, be they noblemen, clergymen, free commoners or even slaves. Murder out of slef-defense is also allowed if the assault on you happens on your property.
15. § Every free (non-slave) is allowed to own weapons, as long as they are optained legally, and as long as the person can prove that he/she has never commited violent assault before.
16. § To trade is only allowed with merchant's license. To trade without a license equals commiting smuggling. (see law number 5)









Heavy Swordsmen


Light Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry

Cavalry Archers


See here.



Battering ram



Boiling oil




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Kingdom of Etrand
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