Ways of Darkness - English version

Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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PostSubject: Assasin   Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:14 am


Enabled aligments:
-Chaotic Neatural
-Neatural Evil
-Lawful Evil
-Chaotic Evil
Enabled Primany classes: Warrior, Thief, Magician
Enabled races: Human, Vampire, Lycantrope (or anything else, if reasoned properly in the biography)

Bonus skills:
-Stealth: Basic (if your character is not a Thief)
-Stealth: Advanced
-Armour-wearing: Light (if your character is not a Warrior)
-Swordsmanship: Basic (if your character is not a Warrior)
-Swordsmanship: Advanced
-Archery: Basic (if your character is not a Warrior)
-Archery: Advanced
-Forgery: Basic (if your charater is not a Thief)
-Smuggling: Basic (if your charater is not a Thief)
-Tracking: Basic (if your charater is not a Thief)


Assasins are masters of a fast and silent attack. They often appear as agents, informators, hireable bounty hunters and instruments of personal revenge. Their skills in anatonomy, stealth, poisons, dark arts and street smarts allows them to execute their tasks with a shocking preciseness...

Most of those thieves who choose this kind of "profession", are examples of the "traditional" style of assasin, who hide in the shadows with their deathbringing blade. Warriors and fallen knights hide and exploit the advantages of the surprise attack. Magicians can be the most fearsome assasins of all, because they use their magic to be invisible, and strike so swift that there is zero chance of faulire.
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