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Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Attributes and skills

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PostSubject: Attributes and skills   Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:35 am


Your character starts with the minimal that your character's race gives.
You've got 18 points to spend.

Detrimes the character's physical strenght.
Below 10, it means low ammount of physical strenght. The lesser the worse.
10 is average
12 is a bit stronger than the average.
14 is somewhat stronger than the average.
16 is much stronger than the average.
18 is as strong as 2 average men.
Above 20, it's so strong that the character can kill someone by just one punch or kick.
It detrimes how good is your character at professions which demand fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements which occur e.g., in the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes.
The abilities which involve the use of hands develop over time, starting with primitive gestures such as grabbing at objects to more precise activities that involve precise eye–hand coordination. Fine motor skills are skills that involve a refined use of the small muscles controlling the hand, fingers, and thumb. The development of these skills allows one to be able to complete tasks such as writing, drawing, buttoning and using ranged weapons (aiming)
Below 10, your character is rather clumsy.
10 is the average.
12 is better than the average.
14 is somewhat better than the average.
16 is much smarter than the average.
Over 18, the chance that your characters wrecks something is very low
It detrimes how smart is your character. This is very important for spellcasters. The higher the intelligence, the higher ammount of mana they have. And they higher ammount of mana they have, the more they can use magic before needing to rest.
Below 10, your character is rather stupid.
10 is average.
12 is a bit smarter than the average.
14 is somewhat smarter than the average.
16 is much smarter than the average.
Over 18, your character is a genius. He's like Einstein.
It detrimes your character's sharpness of thinking, memory and also the strenght of magic used by the character (if the character is a spellcaster)
Below 10 your character is forgetful and slowly-thinking, but not nescesarry stupid. Even the biggest genius needs time to think about new ideas.
10 is average.
12 has a bit better memory and a bit sharper thinking than the average.
14 has somewhat better memory and somewhat sharper thinking than the average.
16 has much better memory and much sharper thinking than the average.
Over 18, the character can remember anything and can think very quick (regardless of how big is his/her intelligence)
Detrimes how much physical work can your character endure doing without getting tired or fainting.
Below 10, your character can't do work for very long (regardless of how physically strong he/she is), the lesser the worse.
10 is average.
12 can endure physically demanding work for a little longer than the average.
14 can endure physically demanding work for somewhat longer than the average.
16 can endure physically demanding work for much longer than the average.
Over 18, your character could be the perfect laborer, for he/she can endure physically demanding work for very long (regardless of how strong he/she is)
Detrimes your character's diplomatic skills. Also, with high ammount of charisma, your character is very good at telling lies and making fools out of people, while with low ammount of charisma, people instantly know whenever your character is being honest or telling lies.
Also, charisma is important for spellcasters. Casting dark spells requires more mana for a good wizard, and casting light magic spells requires more mana for an evil wizard. High ammount of charisma reduces this, so the wizard is able to cast both light and dark spells without problems.


They detrime what is your character skilled at.
For a new skill you need to spend 1 skill point. To upgrade a basic skill to advanced, you need to spend 2 skill ppints. To upgrade an advanced skill to expert, you need to spend 3 skill points
So, you need to spend 6 skill points in total to upgrade an untrained skill to master. (This doesen't apply to armour-wearing, which requires only 1 point per level)

Untrained: Your character is rather clumsy, even in the lightest armour, totally uncapable of fighting.
Light your character can move well in gambesons and leather armour, but heavier armours mean problem.
Medium: your character can move well in chain mail and is good at handling smaller shields, but rather clumsy in heavier armour.
Heavy: your character is well-trained, so he/she stays mobile even in the heaviest plate mail, and can use large shields well.
Untrained: Your character doesen't know stealth at all. He/she can steal from a granary, but there is high chance that he/she will get caught.
Basic: Your character can break into lightly-guarded territories, and can easaly break into an average person's house (if the household are sleeping), but can't infiltrate heavily guarded territories
Advanced: Your character would make a fine spy or thief with his/her stealth skills.
Expert: Your character can even infiltrate the most heavily guarded place withotu problems, and can exfiltrate with the proprety or knowledge he/she wanted. There is a very low chance of getting caught.
Untrained: Your character can't copy anything. If he/she is brave or stupid enough to try, or just wants to play a prank, he/she might be hanging thomorrow.
Basic: Your character can make fools out of soldiers and people with bad vision, but the copy will not survive any examination. Needs to practice more.
Advanced: Your character can copy money, cheaper jewelry and documents. Theese copies are good at places where the security is weak. But in more secure areas, which are thoroughly investigated, the copy is totally worthless. Practice more!
Expert: Your character is an expert in forgery. He/she can make a lot of money for himself/herself! But he/she should keep the scource of money in secret.
Untrained: Your character will instantly get caught.... Do not even try...
Basic: Your character can smuggle the unusual goods in lower-security areas, with luck. But only cheaper goods are worthy.
Advanced: Your character can lie. He/she can smuggle the goods trough. In higher-security areas he/she can take it through it well, or can do it all alone with the combination of the skill Forgery. Sucess is not guaranteed, but as most people would say: "Worth a try"
Expert: Illegal goods, human trafficking, human smuggling, arms dealing, etc. All will work fine! You don't need forgery skills, nor assistance! Your character is an expert smuggler and can smuggle anything through! Okay, it might be a bit much, but your character makes a fine smuggler.
Untrained: Your character is often confused about clues, animal or human tracks, etc. Shouldn't even try....
Basic: Your character can track a bit, but can't follow tracks older than 1 day.
Advanced: Your character can notice more things from tracks and clues.
Expert: Your character can look at the tracks and follow them until the scource. He/she could make a fine inspector.
Untrained: Your character is clumsy with swords. In deadly situations, he/she could defend himself, but otherwise, he/she can't fight.... "You swing that sword like a child!" "I've seen schoolgirls fencing better!"
Basic: Your character is good enough at swordsmanship to become a soldier, but he/she shouldn't become a duelist yet.
Advanced: Your character is very good at swords, he/she could make a fine soldier, and also a fine duelist.
Expert: Your character is a true master of the sword. Very few people is that good at the sword.
Untrained: Your character's aiming is terrible. He/she might be able to shoot with a crossbow, but not with a longbow.
Basic: Your character's aiming isn't that good, maybe he/she could make a hunter. He/she can use a crossbow though.
Advanced: Your character is good at archery, with both long/short bows and crossbows. He/she would make a good soldier.
Expert: Your character is so good at archery, that he/she will rarely miss the shoot. Who needs a sniper rifle (note: they didn't exist in the medieval times), when you can aim that well?
Bashing weapons
Untrained: He/she can use hammers to do blacksmithing, or axes to cut wood, but not to fight. He/she could use maces, but not flails. An untrained person would seriously injure himself/herself with a flail.
Basic: Your character can use hammers, axes, flails, maces, but needs to practice a little more.
Advanced: Your character is good at using theese weapons. He/she would make a fine soldier.
Expert: Your character is very good at using theese weapons.
Untrained: Your character can use polearms as staves only.
Basic: Your character is good at using spears and pikes (and also halberds, if combined with the skill Bashing weapons)
Advanced: Your character is good at using theese weapons. He/she would make a fine soldier.
Expert: Your character is very good at using theese weapons.
Knowledge of the Ancient Language (see languages)
Untrained: Your character doesen't speak or understand the ancient language.
Basic: Your character can barely understand the ancient language.
Advanced: Your character can understand and speak the ancient language fluently.
Expert: Your character can speak the ancient language as fluently as his/her native language.
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Attributes and skills
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