Ways of Darkness - English version

Be part of a Fantasy RPG which you have never seen before. It unites High Fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, dragons) and Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, undead) in a very interesting form.
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 Secondary race: Vampire

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PostSubject: Secondary race: Vampire   Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:54 am

The vampire is a secondary race! You must have a first race first and then a secondary race. Having a secondary race is optional

Vampires are an undead race. Children of the night.
Their skin colour is lighter than the average, and their eyes do not have a natural colour: their eyes can be either red, lemon-yellow, purple, pink, carmine
They must suck the blood of other's, that's their only drink and food.
Sun is deadly to younger vampires, but does not effect older ones (over 300 years old) ones.
Vampires turn non-vampires into vampires by feeding them their blood. You can become vampire ven by accidentally drinking vampire blood (for example, mistaking blood for red wine, and drinking it only to find out that it was a vampire's blood)

Vampires are undead, so they live forever. But they are special undead. If an under-18 person is turned into a vampire, he/she will grow up and stop aging after reaching the age of 18. If someone who is over 18 is turned to a vampire, he/she won't age at all.
Vampires are fertile creatures. A vampire's and a non-vampire's common child will be a half-vampire. A half vampire is immune to sunshine from the birth, but also a bit weaker than other vampires.
Two vampires' child will be a pure-blooded vampire, who is immune to the sunshine from the birth, and also stronger than other vampires.

Enabled aligment: any
Bonuses on attributes
Strenght: +4
Endurance: +4
Agility: no bonus
Intelligence: no bonus
Wisdom: no bonus
Charisma: +2

-The sun burns those vampires to death which are under 300 yeras old.
-Magic-using vampires can replenish their mana by sucking blood.
-They have fast regeneration, their Their healing of wounds is very fast.
-They turn non-vampires into vampires by feeding their blood to them.
-Vampires are undead, so they don't age (if they are made to vampires before the age of 18, they grow up), they don't need food, they don't need air and they don't need to have their heart beating.
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Secondary race: Vampire
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